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Yorkshire Ducks & Geese

Produced by Mathison (Farmers) Leven
Southfield Farm
South Street

HU17 5NY

On our farm at Leven we produce free-range geese and ducks. These birds are reared as naturally as possible and spend most of their life grazing 40 acres of grassland. Every evening they are fed an ad lib diet of home produced cereals.

The geese are of the Danish Legarth strain, which produces a large but lean bird. They are purchased from a Norfolk breeder as day old goslings and remain on the farm until slaughter. All our poultry is processed on the farm and can be collected directly or delivered locally by arrangement.

Our geese will be available from the beginning of December up to the Christmas period and our ducks are available throughout the year.

This year we are also pleased to have available oven ready pheasant and partridge. They come from a local country estate and are processed here on the farm. Other game are also available (fresh or frozen) in season.

We pride ourselves on producing birds using a natural, high welfare system and welcome visitors to the farm by arrangement.


Orders can be placed by email - click on email Yorkshire Ducks & Geese

Or by telephoning us on: 07949 648445

Yorkshire Geese are members of the British Goose Producers Association.